The great Shakespeare once said that "bags are a necessity for women" and as women in the new era, we cannot do without a good-looking and practical bag. Now I recommend you a few beautiful and practical bags from GBagShop. They are also best sellers in 2021.


1. Latest Women Genuine Leather Dumpling Bag Handbags Evening Wrist Bag

The style of this dumpling handbag is relatively new and fashionable, simple but with a sense of design. 

The body leather is frosted cowhide, the leather is very delicate, and it has an extraordinary texture in both visual and tactile sense.

The dumpling bag's texture is very good, and it is very elegant in the hand. The handle part is also very special, and the extended handle makes it more convenient to use. You can easily carry it on your arm.


The button part is revolving, and the light gold color is more advanced when matched with the bag color. The capacity of the evening bag is also large, which can meet daily needs. And you can free your hands and put the bag on your arm. 

Seven Colors are available and two sizes (Big or Small). You can choose them according to your needs and preferences.

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2. Gold Chain PU Leather Shoulder Bag Cloud Clutch Purse

This Gold Chain PU Leather Shoulder Bag Cloud Clutch Purse, as a classic cloud bag, make many fashionistas love it. 

The soft leather is combined with rough heavy metals to form a strong collision. From shape to color, they are all fashionable and versatile. The appearance of the cloud clutch bag is lazy, and the folded mouth of the bag is like a freshly wrapped "wonton", which is very stylish and distinctive.

The capacity of the clutch purse is also large enough. Whether it is an underarm bag or a clutch, it is super free and easy. The soft leather is paired with a rough gold chain, which has a sense of sight of a modern female boss.

Fashionistas seem to agree: the thicker the chain, the more fashionable. The metal chain presents a more sparse chain shape and texture metal, the street trend is more retro and exquisite. 

The cloud-shaped bag body is soft and cute, the streamlined buckle is elegant and feminine, and its rich folds increase the high-level sense of the bag.

The crisp bag shape makes the small bag easy to hold items, mobile phones, napkins, lipsticks, air cushions and other daily necessities. The leather of this gold chain bag is soft and plastic, and there is no compartment in the middle, so it can hold a lot of things. All daily needs can be done in one package. 

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3. Women Elegant Evening Tassel Pendant Satin Clutch Bag for Wedding Party Purse

This evening clutches for weddings is one of the best sellers 2021. The cross woven elements outline the charm of women, pure elegance and delicate touch. 

The lock switch is selected to echo the whole bag, highlighting the taste and style. The quality of electroplating, full color, wear resistance and oxidation resistance, full texture, full of personality. 

The fringe strips full of mystery and dream enrich the overall shape and highlight the fashion in the details. The safe and reliable 0-word chain has strong bearing capacity and long service life.

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