A person who knows life and pursues fashion can own more than one bag, otherwise she cannot interpret your elegant demeanor. When we go to work, go shopping, appointment, go to a banquet, outing, climbing etc, we need different bags for different occasions.

We can divide bags into handbags, clutches, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, backpackswallets & wristlets and so on.
So, how to choose a favorite bag?

1. Design

Bags should be as simple as possible, but with fine details and good craftsmanship.  A rough bag will not be aesthetically pleasing in any case. Some people think that wearing clothes in winter will carry a big bag, summer wear less to carry a small bag. In fact, I have the opposite view. Winter wear should carry a small bag, this can balance the vision to avoid bloated. And summer wears little to be about to carry a big package, unapt appear light and flaunting, also be for balance.

2. Color

The color of the bag should be chosen according to your preference, and the match should be chosen according to the clothes you are wearing. Never carry a bag that is the same color as or close to your clothes.

3. Material

Most bags are leather bags and genuine leather bags are better. If the conditions do not allow, choose a good quality of PU leather can also be.Bags with bright and dark colors should be made of sheepskin, while those with light colors should be made of cowhide. If you want to be a little more luxurious, you can opt for a bag with diamonds or other materials. Anyhow, beautiful clothes can have no, a bag of gratified satisfaction absolutely can't be little! Otherwise, all the fancy clothes will turn into a pale paper.

4. Clothing and bags: fabric and color coordination

If you are a girl who pursues fashion and loves to wear fashionable colors, you should choose a fashionable bag that harmonizes with the fashionable colors. If you wear solid colors, then you should pair yourself with a bag that's colorful and loud. If you are love to wear T-shirts, sweatshirts and other boyish clothing, you should choose nylon, plastic, thick canvas type of "hard bag"; If you like to wear girly clothes like knit shirts and blouses, you should match them with "soft bags" such as lace, hemp or soft cotton. Of course, the fabric of the clothes has changed, and the texture of the bag needs to be changed accordingly.

5. Face shape and bag: hardness and softness

If you have clear features, prominent brow peaks, prominent cheekbones and other boyish features, it's best to choose a stylish, masculine bag with stripes.While you are a girl with gentle eyes, a round nose and a melon seed face, you'd better choose a cute bag with beads and sequins.

These words are just personal opinions, do not like and do not ridicule.In a word, you can choose a bag that suits you and satisfies you at a relatively objective price in our Gbagshop.